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2022 Career Planning in a Red-Hot Job Market

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about 2022 resolutions, especially those related to your career.

The red-hot job market and talent shortage makes this the perfect time to plot your next career move. Whether you want to advance within your current company or have decided it’s time make a move, it’s important to be strategic in your approach.

Here are three tips to help you plan and negotiate your 2022 career plan:

  1. Consider company culture. First, consider your core values. Do they align with your current employer’s company culture? Do you have a manager who you respect and who supports? Working for an organization that you believe in is one of the most important factors of job satisfaction. The past two years have encouraged corporations to refocus attention on employee wellness and satisfaction, which in many cases has resulted in improved culture. This refocus on purpose, mission, core values, and community has renewed employee engagement in many companies. If you are looking at other organizations, research their cultures and ensure they align with your core values.
  2. Pursue professional development. The 2022 War for Talent positions job seekers and employees with new opportunities. Executives know what’s at stake if they fail to retain or attract highly skilled employees. Take this time to negotiate training, coaching or mentorship opportunities that further your career aspirations and build your talent skillset. This also sends a great signal to your manager that you’re ambitious, willing to put in the work to grow, and hope to expand your role in the company.
  3. Negotiate salary and benefits packages. Many companies are ramping up hiring and retention strategies with big salaries and modernized benefit packages. Recruiters and HR professionals anticipate that top talent will negotiate both. Do market research to know your worth and ask for it — but don’t let salary alone sway your decision. The Alliance Resource Group 2022 Salary Guide features projected salaries, benefits and perks, trends, and other key economic data. Some new benefit packages include mental and physical wellness offerings, flexwork options, emergency savings accounts, childcare stipends, professional development, tuition reimbursement, and unlimited vacation. Spend some time comparing salaries and perks, along with company culture and values, before making a decision to move to a new company.


2022 is the year to advance your career. It’s the time to improve your skills, know your worth, and invest in your future. Alliance Resource Group is here to offer resources and help find the right fit. Our 2022 Financial Salary Guide and Employment Outlook provides a comprehensive framework for the job market, including projected salaries, benefits and perks, trends, and other key economic data.

Download your copy of the guide.


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