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Hiring Resolutions for 2022

Organizational success relies on quality talent. Without great people, goals won’t be accomplished, projects won’t be completed, and revenue targets won’t be met. Typically, in each new calendar year it’s common to lose some of your top talent.

But the “War for Talent” and the “Great Resignation” have changed the talent landscape for 2022. Turnover rates are much higher and retaining and hiring talent have become top priorities in Accounting and Finance.

Here are five resolutions to help you get ahead in 2022.

1) Stuff the Candidate Pipeline

As a manager and leader in your organization, be vigilant about top talent. Constantly be on the lookout for good people who could add value to your mission and vision — whether you have an open position or not. Use internal HR or talent acquisition teams or an outside recruiter to build and maintain an up-to-date candidate database. With this approach, you have a strong candidate pool and can make a high-quality hire quickly and efficiently when the time comes.

2) Update Benefit Packages

Following two years of isolation and the side effects of COVID, employees expect a greater focus on their mental and physical wellbeing; this should be reflected in benefit packages. Wellness stipends, reimbursement policies, and fitness memberships are easy ways to offer meaningful, additional perks.

3) Improve Technology

As businesses navigate flexible workspace, it’s critical to install the right technology to facilitate remote collaboration with onsite employees. Investing in top-quality hardware and IT infrastructure ensures that teams remain productive and connected, regardless of working in the office, at home, or from another remote location. Top tech also keeps employees frustration-free and productive.

4) Refocus on Professional Development

With more and more organizations working to overcome the silos that developed during the past two years, nothing says “I value you” more than investing in your employees. Professional development and learning opportunities increase employee engagement, productivity, and value — a win-win-win from all perspectives.

There are online learning programs that empower employees to grow at their own pace on their own time, as well as group trainings that promote self-growth, company improvement, and team building. However, structured learning programs can be costly and not all organizations have clarity on 2022 budgets. While some purse strings remain tight, it might be more prudent to focus on internal coaching and mentoring.

Connecting less experienced employees with senior colleagues who are dedicated to helping others achieve career goals helps raise morale, build skillsets, and ultimately contribute to greater levels of employee satisfaction and productivity.

5) Spend Time with Recruiters

Even if you are not currently looking for a new team member, it’s worth your time to develop a strong relationship with a recruiter. Go deep with them. Share company values and your long-term vision. Be candid about why you work at the organization and why someone should want to join you.

Recruiters not only keep an eye out for great talent; they also serve as an excellent brand ambassador. Equip them with the information they need to influence top talent in the marketplace. This third-party validation is priceless.

Learn how Alliance Resource Group can help you hire for 2022 and beyond.


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