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Hiring: The 2022 Stories that Will Shape 2023

Social and economic volatility sparked by the pandemic continues to shape hiring and recruiting strategies across all industries, and Accounting and Finance skills remain among the most sought-after capabilities in the ultra-competitive job market. With the accounting and finance sector unemployment rate at 2.8% in Orange County and 5.2% in Los Angeles — much lower than the national average — recruiting and retaining talent is a priority for hiring managers and senior leaders.

From the pandemic to supply-chain issues, inflation, geopolitical tensions, and economic downturn, the 2022 business landscape has been riddled with near-constant disruption. We refer to this as “navigating the known unknowns,” things that we know exist but don’t have all the information to fully understand. On top of these volatile times, employee expectations have continued to grow. Even though the Great Resignation became the Great Regret, candidates still have an advantage. They expect generous benefit packages, increased compensation and salary, flexwork policies, and professional development opportunities.

Faced with a low number of qualified permanent candidates, a backlog of work caused by staffing shortages, competition from other employers, midlevel managers moving out of California, and older generations leaving the workforce, many organizations reached out to us throughout the year seeking advice on how to navigate the talent shortage. The Alliance Resource Group marketing and research teams partnered to report on the most pressing issues impacting the industry. We published more than 30 articles, papers, and reports to help hiring managers and senior leaders navigate 2022.

Here’s a list of our Top 5 resources from the past year, which will continue to shape Southern California’s Finance and Accounting teams.