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Supercharge Your Career with 2023 Goal Setting

Setting career goals not only improves job performance, it also makes you a better and more valuable employee. Having clear career objectives is particularly important for Accounting and Finance employees as we approach 2023. While ARG’s Salary Guide and Employment Outlook forecasts a competitive labor market for the year ahead, 2023 is also riddled with “known unknowns.”

From the pandemic to the Great Resignation and economic downturn, the unprecedented disruption that business leaders navigated over the past three years required agile leadership, business continuity planning, and new approaches to hiring and retention. That is not going to change. Gartner reports that workforce issues —including retention and hiring — have become the third top priority for CEOs, rising substantially for the second year in a row.

Across all industries, we can expect to see more and more organizations offer competitive (and creative) approaches to talent acquisition and management in the fight to attract and maintain all-star employees.

But what does that mean for those searching for work, seeking a promotion, or hoping to learn a new skill set within the Accounting and Finance industry?

You need to have a well-defined career plan for 2023.

The past three years taught us that we must be in a constant state of self-improvement and learning. Having comprehensive and concise career goals:

  • Empowers you to work with more autonomy
  • Ensures clear expectations with your manager and team
  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment
  • Provides you with relevant feedback
  • Sets a specific and measurable trajectory for professional growth and upward mobility


Here are five focus areas for 2023 Accounting and Finance goal setting:

1) Upskill for a Digital World

The extraordinary pace of technological advancement has companies scrambling to find employees with the skills to move the business forward. In fact, Deloitte found that 71% of CEOs anticipate the talent shortage — and the technology skills that come with them — will be the biggest business disruptor. Maintaining and advancing your digital skills learned during the pandemic will become an attractive incentive for current and prospective employers who invest in digital transformation for business growth

2) Increase Visibility at Work

It may be tempting to seek or request continued remote work options, but facetime in the office is critical for your future success. The best way to raise visibility is to attend and participate in in-person meetings. When managers, peers, and senior leaders are aware of your contributions, your opportunities to engage with or lead projects and initiatives increase.

3) Advance Professional Development

Gaining a professional certification or higher credentials often leads to promotions or new job opportunities. Continuous education shows you are invested in learning new skill sets for both personal and company growth.

4) Find a Mentor

Learning from someone who has achieved what you are pursuing is one of the most valuable relationships you can build. If you are working with a manager or leader you respect, don’t hesitate to go deeper. Ask for feedback, greater responsibility, and a roadmap to your next promotion. On the contrary, if you do not feel your current manager is invested in your future success, look elsewhere within your company, professional networks, and the industry at-large to find someone who inspires and motivates you.

5) Engage or Re-Engage with a Recruiter

Qualified recruiters can provide immense value to your career in the short and long term. Find a good recruiter, then explain your career goals and the opportunities that interest you. Ensure the recruiter knows your full skillset and what makes you stand out from the competition.

Ready to set career goals for 2023? Alliance Resource Group can help!