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What To Do When Ghosted After an Interview

You landed a great interview. It went well, and you expected a prompt follow-up. One week passes and then another with no word. You’ve been “ghosted.”

Ghosting emerged as a term in the dating world and refers to a sudden withdrawal from all communication in a personal relationship without explanation. In a professional setting, it refers to situations where it’s reasonable to expect a reply without receiving one — job interviews for instance. You may have had one interview or two, and it’s been crickets.

Here’s what to do if you’ve been ghosted in a Finance or Accounting job interview.

Understand the Reasons for Ghosting

First, understand there are factors that can result in ghosting:

  • The company received many applications for the position and are conducting many interviews
  • The hiring process is taking longer than the HR team expected
  • The hiring manager is working to fill many open positions
  • The interviewer took a vacation or changed roles within the company
  • The position was filled internally or eliminated entirely

Don’t take ghosting personally. Instead, be empathetic. Busy schedules, unplanned disruptions or extenuating circumstances may be the reason for a delay in response.

So how do you minimize the chances of getting ghosted and what actions should you take if you feel you are being ignored.

Confirm the Follow-up Process

Before concluding your interview ask about next steps. Confirm the timeline for decision-making. Inquire about who you should follow up with, or who you can expect to hear from, and get their contact information.

Send a Note of Thanks

Within 24 hours of your interview, email a thank-you to the hiring manager. Express gratitude for the time they spent with you and highlight a few things you enjoyed about the conversation. This shows your interest and passion for the position and opens the door for continued dialogue.

Be Proactive

If you do not hear back within the anticipated timeframe, email your contact. It’s customary to follow up one week after the interview. If you don’t hear back within two weeks, send another note. You are owed an answer, and it is okay to reach out on multiple occasions. Just keep all communication courteous and positive. You may also consider requesting constructive criticism and turn the interview process into a learning opportunity. Even if you don’t get the job, you may gain some insight into how to improve your interviewing and interpersonal skills.

Reach Out Elsewhere in the Organization

If the interviewer is radio silent, follow up with someone else in the company. Remember, there could be extenuating circumstances and the hiring manager is unable to reply.

Create Urgency

If you are interviewing for multiple positions with other companies and anticipate an offer, share that information. Being transparent can help build urgency in the interviewer’s decision-making process.

Move On

If you’ve been ghosted chances are the factors were outside of your control, and something changed the hiring manager’s priorities. It’s always a good practice to identify more than one career opportunity when you are ready for a change. Pivot and focus your energies on the next company and reflect on how you can continue to develop your interview skills.

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